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Ian Ferguson

Ian is an emergency physician at Liverpool Hospital, and in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine with GSA-HEMS. He established the STRESScourse to address the training gap that exists around the need for frontline doctors to be able to perform life- and sight-saving procedures that are rarely encountered in clinical practice. He has a research interest, largely focusing on the use of ketamine in emergency medicine, although can’t help being drawn into other stuff too… Twitter: Ketaminest .


Brian Burns

Brian  is an emergency physician, and was at Liverpool Hospital from 2008-13. Since then he works at Northern Sydney LHD at the Northern Beaches Hospital and RNSH. He is also a pre-hospital and retrieval specialist with GSA-HEMS.  He is committed to advancing resuscitation skills and life-saving procedures in the face of rarity. Trauma director at Western NSW LHD, and active researcher. Twitter: HawkMoonHEMS.

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Geoff Healy

Geoff is an anaesthetist at Royal North Shore Hospital, and a Consultant Pre-hospital and Retrieval Physician with GSA-HEMS . Geoff has worked in both Australia and in the UK, and is passionate about providing the highest level of critical care, no matter where the patient is.  Twitter: drgeoffhealy


Chris Partyka

Chris is an emergency physician at Liverpool Hospital and a consultant in pre-hospital and emergency medicine at GSA-HEMS. He is committed to improving the care of critically ill patients, and seems to be a big fan of ELVIS. He is actively involved in ultrasound eduction, governance and research. His blog is The Blunt Dissection. Twitter: chrispartyka

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Jimmy Bliss

Jimmy is an emergency physician working at both Liverpool and the Northern Beaches Hospitals, and as a Pre-hospital and Retrieval Physician with GSA-HEMS.  He has significant experience in the resuscitation room and roadside, and particular expertise in the use of ultrasound in the critically ill patient.  Twitter: @blissjimmy


Alex Buttfield

Alex is a staff specialist in emergency medicine at Campbelltown Hospital, where he is also the Director of Emergency Medicine Training.  He completed specialist training at Liverpool Hospital, is an APLS instructor and is highly regarded as both a clinician and an educator. He is an  ASMI ultrasound instructor, and is actively involved with Western Sydney University.  (He’s very quiet on) Twitter: http://@EDdocalexb